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Each Suspect only answers certain questions!
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This is a Murder Mystery where there is One Victim and 19 Suspects!
If you like Logic Puzzles, you will enjoy this Game!
Get your pencil and paper out and sort out "Who Done It!"

1 - 10 = Male Suspects and 11 - 20 = Female Suspects.
There are Six Locations which will be in different
parts of the City each time the game is played!
Either 'Uptown','Midtown' or 'Downtown'
And Either on the 'East-Side' or the 'West-Side'

The Six Loctaions are:
A) Art Show ****** B) Theatre
C) Card Party *** D) Boat Docks
E) Emassy ******** F) Factory

The Murderer will Never be where either of the weapons (.38 or .45) are found!
And No-One will be where the Victim was found!

Four of the locations will have 4 people and
One of the locations will have 3 people!

There will always be two males (One Odd# Male and One Even# Male)!
And two Females (One Odd# Female and One Even# Female)!
At each of the locations where there are 4 People!

Only a Person who is the same sex as the murderer
who is at the location where the murder weapon was found
can tell you whether an Odd# Suspect's Prints were on the Murder Weapon!

This is important information for solving the case!
Click on Set-Up First!


This is d4.nb1 => p3 = 20 people

This is d5.nb1 => p5 = 6 locations

This is d6.nb1 => p6 = Uptown, etc.