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I solved this problem myself!
Both of my sons solved it!
They each did it a different way!
And my way was different than theirs!
It was a fun exercise in Programming!
Try it now! It works great!
Email me at Henryufo@Yahoo.com
With your solutions please.

Above is an Active Window
Already set-up for you.
Just write the JavaScript
to make it work.

Here are two problems to solve!
As you probably know I'm studying
Lottery Numbers so here is a
Lottery Number problem you run into
When writing a program for Lottery Numbers!

First and easiest is to create
A Random Set of 6 Numbers chosen from 53
Such that none of the 6 numbers end up
being the same number!

The Second Problem that is much more
Difficult => Let's say the 6 numbers
are scores in a game.
Create a program to show who came in
First - Second - Third - Forth - Fifth & Sixth
See the picture below the active screen
As an Example!