Mega-Millions-Lottery Code Breaker
This is the Elliott Wave Theory Program.!
Type in last 10 Winning Numbers at the Bottom of this page,!
Searching for the Trend Wave Here:
Play These Numbers:
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
*** GB
Click gg4 First =>
gg4 => Already Typed in Numbers.!
Use New Numbers Typed in
At Bottom of this page =>
Then when it finishes searching for
the Elliott Trend Wave.!
Click Here Only Once =>
If a zero comes up,
The Computer could not find
the number that fits in that
group of numbers.!
Previous 10 Winning Numbers Here
This Creates the Trend Wave
01 GB
02 GB
03 GB
04 GB
05 GB
06 GB
07 GB
08 GB
09 GB
10 GB
Cycles Number = k1
This is k7
Restart Click Here =>
The number of Cycles k1 actually determines
Which Trend Wave influences the results.!
Watch While the Computer Cycles Through Over 1000 Numbers.!
Looking for the Wave Trends that will
make up an Elliott Wave Track.!
Using a Complicated Formula Listed Here
The Computer comes up with
Ten Great Numbers to Play
To Win Big Money.!

This Program was written for Mega-Millions
However it will work fine for Power-Ball
Mega-Millions => Pick 5 from 70 & 1 from 25
Power-Ball => Pick 5 from 69 & 1 from 26

Type in the last 10 Winning Numbers Here:
***01 GB
***02 GB
***03 GB
***04 GB
***05 GB
***06 GB
***07 GB
***08 GB
***09 GB
***10 GB
Then Click Here =>

Random Numbers for Testing
Click Here =>