Mega-Millions-Lottery Code Breaker
This is a Simulation Program.!
Program chooses 5 numbers from 70 numbers
To be the Winning Number.!
Then it chooses one Random # and checks
to see if it is one of the winning numbers.!
If it is it high-lights that number
And continues until it gets all 5#'s
It picks a new Winning Number each time.!

j1 Random#
c3 Count
c1 Hits
c5 c5 = c3/c1
t1 Number of Loops => Stops at 10
c9 c9 = c3/t1

Here are the total counts
till getting all 5#'s:

*** Sums up the totals Here =>
Calculates Average Here =>

Simulation => Click Set-Up First:
Then Click Here:
Clear the Data before running again =>

This program proves that Winning Mega-Millions
With 5#'s correct is easier than you think.!
With an average number of tries = less than 200 most of the time.!
And this includes choosing a highlighted # more than once.!
The program does not check for choosing a Random Number more than once.!