** Creation vs Evolution! ** Think About This! **

Here are a few of my thoughts!
After a few simple observations (See Below)
I Believe in Creation!!
What do YOU Think?
Since i'm a lover of Mathematics and
Chess and Computer Programming,
I'm always looking at things in terms of Numbers.
And, since Math requires Logic,
I trend toward Logical Thinking!

Although, Logic suggests that Unicorns,
Mermaids, Big-Foot, and Aliens, don't exist,
I believe that they all do exist!! (LOL!!)
(I know there's a few flaws in my Logic too!!)
Since most people are familiar with card games,
As an example, we will use here a deck of playing cards!
As you know the standard deck has 52 cards!
The question is:
How many different ways can these 52 cards be arranged?
Most people may not have ever considered this question!
But the fact is - There are so many ways to arrange these cards,
that your mind can hardly imagine how big that number is!
The answer is 52! - which means
52 x 51 x 50 x 49 x ... x 3 x 2 x 1
Which comes to approximately
8.06581751709439 x 10^67
OR if you don't know what that means
it means 8 with 67 zeros after the 8.
And that is a really! Really! REALLY!! Big Number!!
For the Card Demonstration => Click Here
Just to give you an idea of the size of that number
Let's use a "Speed-of-Light" example.
Most people know the Speed-of-Light is equal
to 186,000 Miles per Second.
Since 1 mile = 5280 feet we multiply
by 5280 to get feet/second => 982,080,000 Feet/Second
Now let's travel a trillion times faster than light
=> Warp Speed 1 Trillion in Star Trek Speeds
=> 982,080,000,000,000,000 Feet/Second
Now let's assume each arrangement of the cards is
set up in 1 foot intervals.
The number of seconds in a 1 years = 24*3600*365
=> 31,536,000 Seconds
Divide these two numbers into the number of
arrangements of the cards.
=> In order to see all these arrangements
traveling at 1 trillion times the speed of light
it would take you about
(8.0658175)*(10^67) Divided by (3.097087488)*(10^25)
=> (2.604323426849219)*(10^42) Years
=> 2.604323426849219 Times a
Million Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Years
(See Below for details of this calculation)
Now, Did you know that your DNA has more than 52 parts?
DNA = Gene Designs or Gene Arrangements
"The Human Genome Project has estimated that humans
have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes." (Biology-Book)
I know what you are thinking:
"Ok! Ok! We already know that all living things are complicated!!"
Ok, let's consider a real life experiment.
Let's assume that a Color TV set has 52 parts.
(We all know it's more complicated than that!
But just consider 52 parts!)
Try This - Place these 52 parts in a big water-proof ball
and float the ball in the ocean for 1 billion years!
You also have to assume that the parts never get old and become useless!
Also, Assume inside the ball the parts are
weightless and can float around and swirl into
thousands of different configurations!
Do you think it will ever become a working Color TV?
Do you really think this could happen?
I don't think so!
I know I couldn't build a working Color TV
even if I had all the parts and instructions!
And you think it could build itself by accident?
I don't think so!!
Some of the simplest Life Forms on this planet have more
than 52 parts and I have trouble
believing they came alive by accident or evolution!
Remember how many ways these 52 parts can be arranged!
Every part has to be connected in a Pre-Planned
design for the TV to work!!
And Every Life form on this planet
is the same way!!
Every Living Cell has to be connected in a
Pre-Planned design for
the life form to function!!
And the number of different kinds of Living Cells
found in life forms is infinite!!
Just the number of different kinds of
Living Cells found in the human body is incredible!!
Think about a few Cells - finger nails - skin - eyes - ear parts -
kidneys - liver - pancreas - spleen -
heart - brain cells - bones - bone marrow -
blood (which includes dozens of different types of cells) -
teeth - tendons - muscles - nerve cells - hair -
the list goes on forever!!!
The human body produces
about 2 trillion new cells every day
and every cell is different
and has a different function!!
That's incredible!!
Even the smallest life forms like Honey-Bees and
Spiders are smart!!
The intelligence built into these life forms is amazing!
Every Living Thing recognizes, when they see something,
Whether it's something to eat or something to fight
Or something to breed with!
And consider this - Is there any record at all showing where
one animal "Evolved" into another animal?
Rabbits have been breeding for thousands of years
and they are still Rabbits!
Rabbits never evolved into
cats or mice or guinea-pigs
or any other similar species!

My thinking is - The reason this never happens goes
back to the 52 parts!
There are so many arrangements of just 52 parts -
Imagine how many arrangements are involved
when you have 20,000 parts!!

These Species can reproduce trillions and trillions of times
and never evolve into another species!
It's impossible to have two Rabbits accidentally
have an off-spring that is a Guinea-Pig!!
The Guinea-Pig genes are trillions and trillions of
times different from the Rabbit genes!
The difference is so great that it could never happen!
Another problem with evolution is:
How do you explain all these different insects,
birds, fish, mammals etc
are all here at the same time?
If they evolved from one another,
they would not all be here at the same time!
"That's illogical !" As Mr. Spock would say!
Are you trying to tell me that 30,000 different
species of birds evolved from one bird??
Come on!!
I don't think so!!
If you believe that, considering all the DNA arrangements,
You might want to check your logic!
Or just grab another beer!
It's going to take a lot of beer
for me to believe that!!
My Conclusion is:
Only God can create Life !!
We all exist because God Created the Universe -
including the Earth and Every Living thing on the Earth!
What do YOU think?


See if my numbers are correct?
How many ways can a deck of 52 cards be arranged?
The answer is 52!
Which means 52*51*50*49* ... *4*3*2*1
And if you Google this you get the answer
of 8.0658175e+67
Which means 8.0658175 times 10 raised to the 67 power.
If each arrangement is laid out on 1 foot,
You would have to travel 8.06*(10^67) Feet to see them all.
Now the speed of light = 186,000 miles/second
=> (186,000)*(5280) = 982,080,000 Feet/Second
And a Billion times
The speed of light = 982,080,000,000,000,000 Feet/Second
=> (9.82080)*(10^17) Feet/Second

The number of seconds in a year = 365*24*3600 = 31,536,000
=> 3.1536000*(10^7) Seconds/Year
Ok this means that (3.1536000*(10^7))*(9.82080*(10^17))
Equals the distance light travels in 1 billion years in feet.
=> 30.97087488*(10^24) Feet per billion years
=> 3.097087488*(10^25) Feet per billion years

At this speed, how many years will it take to see
every arrangement of the 52 cards laid out on each foot?

Time = Distance Divided by Speed

(8.0658175)*(10^67) Divided by (3.097087488)*(10^25)
=> (2.604323426849219)*(10^42) Years
=> 2.604323426849219 Times a Million Trillion Trillion Trillion Years

Because 42 zeros = 42 - 6 = the Million => 36 left
=> And 36/12 = 3 => Trillion Trillion Trillion

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