AI Chat-Bot by Henry.!
Hi, My Name is Becky.!

Click the Reset Button at the Bottom of the page first.!
Then Click Set-Up => Then Click Get-the-Words.!
Wait for it to get all the words.!
t3 = # of Sentences Created
If t3 is less than 200
=> Click gj4 until you get at least 500 Sentences.!
Also Click gj4 to reset all the variables & enter a new name.!
I don't really understand why it gets a
different # of Sentences each time.??
Below the window click a Key-Word to Chat about that Subject.! Then Click gh1.!
Click Random to get a random response.!
Use only lower case letters for yes/no.! Your name can have upper case letters.!

= Key Word


Takes 4 Minutes
Selecting the Words: x1#4
t1#1 y2#2
p4#3 t3#5
Make Sentences =>
Clear Fields =>
Cycle Sentences =>