Calculate Credit Card Payments Here

Credit Card Payments Calculator
Minimum Payments = 2% of your Balance or $25
Paying Minimum Payments => Paying Longer & Paying More
Compare Fixed Payments vs Minimum Payments Here
Enter => Enter Amount Due = 3000
Enter => Enter Anual Interest Rate = 9
Enter => Minimum Payment Amount (Leave this Blank = 2% of Balance)
Enter => Enter Fixed Payment Here Bigger than Minimum Payment
Click Set-Up-gb1 then Click gb2
Fixed Payment Calculation Here => Click Set-Up-gb1 then Click gb3
Interest Added
New Balance after adding interest
New Balance after Subtracting Payment
Number of Months to Pay Off Paying minimum Payments
Number of Years to Pay Off Paying minimum Payments
Total Payments = Total Amount you Paid
Total Interest = Total Amount you Paid

Here you can find out what Fixed Payment
You should pay to pay off your debt in say 3 years or 36 months
Enter this Fixed Payment Amount above & see the difference
Enter Amount of Loan = 3000
Enter Interest Rate = 9
Enter Number of Months = 36
Calculate Payment =>
Monthly Payment = 95.39 => Enter 96 above
Total Payments
Total Interest
There is a slight difference in the interest paid because
Credit Card interest is compounded daily
And based on a 28 day billing cycle.