The Puzzle - Short-Story!
By Henry Newmon, Jr

Jack and Alice were good friends with their neighbors Joan and Kirk. Jack and Alice enjoyed putting together puzzles on their dining room table while watching television.
One day Jack and Alice went to the store and bought a new puzzle. It was one of the most beautiful pictures they had ever seen and they were very exicited about putting this puzzle together so they could enjoy this new beautiful picture.
In the center of the picture was this beautiful princess standing next to a magical white Unicorn.
So they brought the puzzle home and spread out all the pieces on their dining room table and started working on the puzzle. They worked really hard for many days. Staying up late till two in the morning some nights putting this most beautiful puzzle together.
Since the puzzle was over 2000 pieces it was very difficult and took a long time to finish.
Finally, after many days, the puzzle was beginning to look like a picture. Jack and Alice were very excited as they put together the last few pieces. They had worked so hard and now they would stand back and get the full view of the completed picture.
But, something was wrong. There was one piece missing. It was right near the center of the picture. It was the piece that included one eye of the Princess. How could this happen?
They looked under the table, under the table cloth, under the counter in the kitchen, under the carpet in the living room, on all the window sills, under the refrigerator, under the stove, in every corner of the room and then throughout the entire house. Jack and Alice looked every where, but, could not find the missing piece. Days went by and the missing piece never showed up.
The picture was still very beautiful and they left it on the dining room table to show Joan and Kirk when they got back from vacation.
Well, when Joan and Kirk came over, Kirk walked right up to the picture and said, "Jack, you've got one piece missing right there in the center."
He did not say what a marvelous picture it was. He did not appreciate all the hours of work that had gone into building such a difficult puzzle. He did not even notice what the picture was showing. All he saw, was the one piece missing. The only flaw in an otherwise beautiful picture and great piece of hard work.
And Joan said, "It's a nice picture, but, Kirk's right there is one piece missing right there near the center."
Now Jack and Alice tried to explain how they had worked so hard on this puzzle and how they had looked for days for the missing piece and could not find it, but, the only thing Joan and Kirk would say is:
"It's a shame that this nice picture is completely ruined by that one missing piece. We know that it was a lot of work to build this puzzle, but, without that missing piece, your work was done for nothing."
Jack and Alice were completely crushed by these words. They had worked so hard for two weeks putting together this master piece and not a word of appreciation for their work. Not a word of admiration for the beauty of the picture. The only thing that anyone noticed was that one missing piece.
Lesson: A person's life is like that puzzle. Everything that you say and do make up a picture of who you are and if there is only one small flaw in your life - one missing piece - everyone will notice that flaw.
Remember that all good things that are done in this world, are done by people with many little flaws in their make up.
However, if you stand back and look at the over all picture, overlooking the little missing pieces, you will find that most people are made of beautiful pictures. ********************* The End.

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