The Jungle Princess of Bear Lake Village
By Henry Newmon, Jr

Once upon a time long, long ago there lived
a Beautiful Princess and She was a Wizard!
She was Queen of All the Jungle and She
Rode a Big White Horse. She had long
Blonde Hair and Big Blue Eyes and All the
Animals of the Jungle Obeyed Her Every
Command. She Lived in a small Village
Deep in the Jungle. One Sunny Day She
Was Riding Her Horse through the Woods
When, From out of Nowhere, There Appeared
A Warrior Riding A Great Black Horse.
Being of Strong Mind, and Fearing Nothing,
The Princess Confronted the Swordsman.

"What are you doing Here?"
"Where are you From?"
"This Forest Belongs to my People and
the Village of Bear Lake!"

The Swordsman was Surprised by the
Girl's Bravery, But Immediately Drew His
Sword to show His Valor.

"I Travel Where Ever I Wish!"
"No One Will Stop Me!"
"Where is Your Village?"

"And Why Should I Tell You?"
Challenged the Princess.
"I think you are Running from Something!"
"You are not with your Partners!"
"Warriors do not Travel Alone!"

"You are Right, My Princess!"
"I have come alone into this Jungle not
knowing that there was a Village near here!"
"I run for my Life!"
"You and your Village are in Great Danger!"
"A Great Number of Fighting Men are
Traveling this way and They will take your
Food and Destroy your Village without
Concern for Life - Blood will be Shed!"
"We must go immediately and evacuate
the Village or many shall Die!"

"There is no need to worry for this Forest is
Filled with my Friends and
I Command Powers that are
Greater than 100 Swordsmen!"

"Don't be Foolish, My Princess, I speak only
The Truth! I have no Fear of You,
So why should they who follow me?"
What Powers would save you if I should
Thrust my Sword right through you as you
Sit on your Horse - You have no weapons!"

"But there's where you're wrong, My Friend,
For beside you stands the King of
The Jungle - And should you make one
Wrong move with that Sword you shall
Be Desert for the Hungry Tiger!"

A Tiger Leaps from a nearby bush and
Startles the Black Horse and the Worrior
Loses his Sword and is Thrown to the
Ground where he is trapped against a big
tree by the Tiger and his Horse runs away!

"What Say You Now?" Demanded The Princess!

"With Fear for my Life,
I beg that you hear me!"
"I speak only the Truth,
As God is my Whitness!
I tell you again many Warriors on Horseback
With Swords are not far behind me
And they certainly will Kill whomever
They Please! One Tiger at your Command
Surely Cannot Stop Them!"

"Shall I have the Tiger Eat you Right Now?"
Or will you regain your Courage and help
Me Fight for my Village?"

"Please, My Fair Lady, I rather die by the
Sword Fighting for you and your People,
Than be food for this Tiger - I Pray!
I will be Forever your Valiant Protector!"

"Tiger Be Gone!" She said as She guided her
White Steed to fetch the Black Stallion that
Belonged to the Warrior.

"Grab up your Sword and get on your Horse
And Ride with me like the Wind to the
Edge of the Jungle. We must set up a Trap
And Ambush the coming men before they
Can reach the Village!"

As they traveled their horses were startled
And stopped when suddenly they met up with
A Woodsman Riding a Painted Pony and
Carrying a Rope, a Spear, and a
Bow with many Arrows!

"Who have we here?" Asked the Princess.

"I am but a poor Hunter seeking a deer that
I might feed myself and my Maiden!"
"Let me pass in Peace!"
"I mean you no Harm!" Said the Woodsman.

"If he should Displease you, My Lady,
I shall Take Off His Head with my Sword!"
Thundered the Warrior.

"No! No! Leave him be!"
Commanded the Princess.
"Mr. Woodsman would you come with us,
We could use your help - Many Fighting Men
Are coming this way to Destroy my People
And My Village and you could help us
Set up a Trap to keep them out of my Jungle.
You will be Rewarded for your Bravery."

"Yes, I will join you!" Said the Woodsman.

So, the three of them rode to the edge of the
Jungle where the Princess had a hidden
Surprise for the coming Barbarians.
As they approached a wide open area that
Was covered with knee-high grassy brush
Weeds, the Princess came to a halt.

"There," She Pointed, "Is our Trap."
"This field is hiding Quick-Sand and when
They try to cross the horses and men
Shall be buried in Mud. We must go around
this field and lead them this way. "
"You, Mr. Swordsman, stay here on this
Side of the field and Challenge them to cross."
"We shall go around and
lead them to this field."

So, the Princess and the Woodsman rode
Around the field and up on a ridge
on the far side where
the on-coming men could spot
them and give chase. As
they climbed their horses to the
top of the ridge they
were startled to find that one of the
Barbarians had scouted ahead and
was already above them on the ridge
and spotted them immediately.
He came charging at them with spear in hand.
The Woodsman placed an arrow in his bow
and prayed it would not miss - For if it
hit the charging
man's armour it may bounce right off!
The arrow left the bow with great speed,
but, it missed the man's head
and bounced off his armour covering
his chest. The Princess grabbed the
Woodsman's Spear And charged her white
Horse right at the charging Swordsman.

"No! No!" Shouted the Woodsman.
But he was too late,
The Princess was gone into battle in a flash.
To the Woodsman's surprise her clever
manuevering saved both of their lives.
She held on tight to the strap around her
white Horse and jumped down beside
the horse just as they passed,
using the horse as a shield, and the Warrior
lunged his spear forward with such
thrust, missing the Princess and her horse,
that he lost his balance and fell off his
horse. The Woodsman then took his
rope and threw it around the enemy and
pulled it tight with his horse.

"Kill me swiftly! Let me die an
Honorable Death!
You have out-smarted me!
Now take my life quickly that I
might not suffer!"
Shouted the Barbarian.

"Tie him to that tree so the others
will see him as they approach.
You must tell the rest of your partners that
should they come into this Jungle
they will surely meet up with more
trouble than they can handle!"
Said the Princess. "Let's wait for the others
over there on that next ridge,
just in case they decide to follow us."

Shortly there-after the others arrived
and saw one of their men tied to the tree.

"What happened to you?"
"Where is your Sword?"
"Where is your Armour? Untie Him!"

"Do not go into this Jungle!
Surely Great Harm shall fall
upon you if you do!
The Princess there on the ridge is a Wizard
with powers unknown!
No man can challenge her with
swords and spears and win!
For she controls the very
earth that you stand on!" Shouted the man
tied to the tree.

"Nonsense, we go where we will!
Who is she to stop us?
Follow Her!" Shouted their Leader.

The Princess and the Woodsman
saw that they were not
going to listen to the warning
given by the man she had
battled and tied to the tree.
So, she and her friend

started down the far side of the
ridge with the barbarians
in persuit! They passed by a cave
where lived a big bear.

"Come with us my Bear Friend." Commanded the
Princess and the Bear came running
with them.

Now when they reached the field
the bear stood between
them and the Barbarians.
The Barbarians saw the

Renegade Warrior standing
on the other side - They
recognized him as a traitor
and immediately charged
after him - Not knowing the danger
lurking ahead - they
all rode full speed into the trap!
The men and their horses were all
swallowed up by the
Quick-Sand, never to be seen again.

The Woodsman turned to the
Renegade Warrior and said,

"Never test a woman's abilities at
clever thinking - for
surely she will always surprise you
with intuitive powers
that bewilder a man."

"Well Said." Said the Warrior.
"This Princess has saved my life
first from the Hungry Tiger of the Jungle
And then from those Barbarians who
called themselves Warriors.
A true Warrior fights for his leader
and brings Honor and Justice through
his triumphs for his people.

Those Barbarians were Renegades who
were bringing disgrace to my reputation
by killing innocent people and
stealing their goods."

"Well," Said the Princess, "As you can see,
from what has happened, men who do evil
bring on their
own destruction - it has always
been thus. It's just too
bad that sometimes innocent
people lose their lives
before wicked men like these are stopped."

"Let be known throughout the land
that our people are
peaceful, but, should we be challenged
by evil men, we
are prepared to defend ourselves."
Said the Woodsman.

"Let's go to the village."
Commanded the Princess.

So, the Woodsman picked up his
Maiden on the way to
the Village and they all enjoyed a
Great Feast and Celebration.

And so the story was told throughout
the land that the
Jungle Princess of Bear Lake Village
was a Great Leader and no one
would dare challenge her again!

The End.