Random Number Search Simulation!

Random Number Search Simulation!
How many guesses (on average) does it take
to find a number chosen from 1 to 100
The Animal Program finds it in 6 Guesses or Less

Choose # Here: Searches for this Number - You must choose a number from 1 to 100
Counting Here: Counts how many times it chooses a Random Number here
Random # Here: Trying this Random Number for a Match
Choose # of Tries Here: This must be filled in - How many times it looks for the number
If you want an average # of guesses for 20 tries put in 20 here
Click Set-up then Search =>
Adding of items Here: Adds the number of guesses here
Number of items Here: Keeps track of how many times it finds the number
Average Here: Calculates the Average number of guesses
Last Count Here: Shows the last number of guesses from above