Sarah Palin is Back in the News !
She has endorsed Donald Trump for President !
Everyone knows Sarah Palin!
She is Definitely Smarter than a 5th Grader!
She Did Great Things when She was Governor of Alaska!

People and the Media have portrayed Sarah Palin
as a "Dumb Blonde with Dark Hair!"
But the truth is, She is a very Powerful Woman!
She has some quirky sayings - maybe
that comes from being born in Idaho!
Many times she talks in incomplete sentences
that have signs of poor logic but that is because
she's a woman!
Women have completely different
thought processes than men!
Many Women have multi-task brains
that don't always make logical sense!
But that doesn't mean they are Dumb!

Any Woman who has had 5 children!
Has lived in a Frozen State like Alaska!
And then She Became Mayor of Her Town (Wasilla)!
And then She Became Governor of Alaska!
You Know She's a Very Strong Woman!

Before you say anything about Sarah Palin,
You should compare Your Life Accomplishments
to Her Life Accomplishments and you will
immediately realize that She is not only one of
the Smartest Women around,
But She is Very Powerful!

Compare Sarah Palin's Book sales
To Hillary Clinton's Book sales
First Week of Sales:
Hillary's Book = 85,721
Sarah's Book = 467,604
Who do you think is More Popular?

After running for Vice President
with John McCain in 2008,
She was selected by TIME Magazine as one
of the World's Most Influential People!
To be in the TOP 100
Most Infuential People is Incredible
considering that there are almost 7 billion
people on this planet!

And Barbara Walters Named Sarah Palin as one of
the TOP 10 most Facinating People in America!

You may not agree with Sarah Palin's
positions and views concerning political issues,
But you better be prepared to deal with
her power and influence if you plan
to fight against her!
Weather you Love Her or Hate Her
You have to give Her credit for Her
Huge Influence and Power!

She Electrifies every room She walks into!
She brings Power and High Energy to any debate!
She brings out the crowds where ever She goes!
She has a Smile that Brightens up every occasion!
She is Smiling in almost every picture of Her!
She is a Winner in every way!

Donald Trump is extremely lucky to have
Her Campaigning for him!

I Love Sarah Palin!

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