Play-3 & Play-4 Top Secret Plan
If you have seen most of the Videos
about winning the Play-3 Lottery,
Then you are probably thinking
you have seen it all. And maybe you have.
But here is a unique strategy that
has not been presented that I know of.
This plan will bring you $490 every time.!

This plan requires 6 Special Tickets
But will always be worth the investment.
Always buy the $1.00 Straight/Box Tickets
for this strategy to work.!

On average every Pick-3 drawing
contains a double number every 4th day.
These are the drawings we are looking for.
If you calculate 10 #'s choose 2 #'s
it equals 45. Much less than 1,000.
This is Great for this plan.

Choose one number to be the double number
and one other number like this => 339
Since there is a double number there
are only 6 Tickets to cover all situations.

Buy these tickets
339 - 933 - 393
993 - 399 - 939
Then you will have
One Straight/Box => $330
Plus 2 Box Tickets => $160
Which Totals to $490

For the Play-4 you have to choose
three numbers and buy 12 Tickets.
However if you calculate
10 #'s choose 3 #'s it equals 120.
Much less than 10,000
which is great for this plan.!

Choose one number to be the
double number and two other
numbers like this => 3379
Since there is a double number
there are only 12 orders for this #.

Buy these 12 Tickets
3379 - 3397 - 3739 - 3793
3937 - 3973 - 7339 - 7393
7933 - 9337 - 9373 - 9733
Then you will have
One Straight/Box => $2700
Plus 11 Box tickets => $2200
Which Totals to $4900

Here is one of my Winning Tickets:

To make it easy for you to get
The Play-4 Tickets =>
Below you can type in your Choice Numbers
for the Play-4 Game and get all the
12 Tickets you need to buy to win
using this system.!

Enter Numbers Here
Enter One Double Number like => 3379 => 12 Tickets
This give you every permutation of the 4 numbers.!
Always play Straight/Box to Win in Any Order.!
=> If these numbers come in
=> You will have 1 Straight/Box Win
=> Plus 11 Box Wins
=> $2700 + $2200 = $4900
Enter Numbers Here

Then Click the Button

Play these Numbers:




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